FAQ & Contact

I display a combination of weight and volume measures in my recipes – some may use both and some may use just one or the other.  I have left it this way because that is the way I cook – there is always a set of cup measures and digital scales on my bench! All cup and spoon measures are Australian Standard measures unless otherwise stated. I do hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience for you!

If you have any questions regarding specific recipes, please comment at the bottom of the specific recipe page. That way other people can benefit from my answer/clarification too!

I’m more than happy to help you problem-solve if a recipe doesn’t turn out as it should. However, please be aware that a range of factors (for example climate, the fickleness of an oven, type/brand of ingredient) may affect the outcome of the recipe. I check and re-check my recipes before publishing, but unfortunately typing mistakes still occasionally slip past – if you think something isn’t quite right then please do let me know.

If you have any other queries, are as passionate about baking/cooking/all things sustainability as me, or would just like to say hi then please use the form below. I love hearing from fellow food fanatics and will get in touch as soon as is feasibly possible.

Please ask my permission before using any part of my posts – image, text or recipe. I believe that blogging is about sharing ideas and passions, however credit should always be given where it is due. I personally strive to always cite sources or inspiration below my recipes. Only on very rare occasions will I decline the request to re-post a recipe, as long as you agree to re-write the method in your own words, use your own photography and provide a link to Taste Without Waste.

A note about my culinary background: I completed Certificates III and IV in Commerical Cookery in Sydney 2013 and have worked at various cafes, restaurants and food outlets, including the Players Kitchen at the 2015 Australian Open. However, I still consider myself to be predominantly self-taught with a significant amount of influence from family (in particular my grandmother) as I prefer to work in the style of a home-cook rather than chef.  I incorporate any useful tips that I have learned in my cooking degree where appropriate, however most is simply knowledge that I have picked up over the years. I in no way claim to be an expert and strive to post my mishaps as well as victories in the hope that others can learn from my mistakes!